"We all undergo reinvention throughout our lives, from childhood to adulthood,
from individuals to spouses and parents, and each time we change careers.
Now more than ever it seems people are trying to find fulfillment,
to grasp the parts of their lives that bring meaning and joy.
This is the part of life that draws me in most.
This is the part of life that I try to capture on paper:
people changing their lives, recreating themselves, finding meaning in their personal experiences.
I am drawn ever more to creating characters who are able to overcome obstacles
as they reinvent who they are and who they want to be.
The result, I hope, is characters to whom readers can relate."

Current Projects:

Novel, Working Title: Between the Moments

The second Pine Valley novel takes us back to this small town where lives intertwine and change is a beautiful thing.
In addition to picking up where the first book left off, Between the Moments
introduces new characters, including Alyson and her daughter Katie, and brings forward Jordan, whom we met earlier.
Katie is learning that growing up is hard, even as her mother struggles with demons from the past
that are preventing Alyson from moving forward. Jordan is daring to dream while at the same worried
his own past will pull him down.
Can healing happen when the past clings so tightly?

Novel, Working Title: A Simple Life

The third Pine Valley novel features Lindsay, a single mom whose life is filled with work, kids, and a flurry of commitments.
Longing to find contentment and real connection with her kids, she makes
the decision to move to a small town, where life could slow down.
In the process, she learns about herself, what she really wants, and
what really matters.