"Who says non-fiction has to be boring?
To learn something new, to take ideas and have the information and knowledge
to run with them, that's exciting!
I want to share my own experiences in a way that empowers others
to be creative, try new things, and tackle any challenges they're having,
whether it's in their careers or their personal lives.
Knowledge is power, but, perhaps more importantly, knowing you have support,
and that others have been where you are, enables you to grow and thrive
in ways you may not have considered before.
And that is anything but boring."

Published Works:

Current Projects:

Book, Working Title: Fun at the Library: A Year's Worth of Programming Ideas

In conjunction with her website-in-progress, Fun at the Library, Vanessa is planning a book
that will provide fellow librarians with tons of program ideas to implement at their own libraries.
These ideas include programs for all ages, along with other activities they can have available in their library spaces.

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